Ultima Radio - Siberian


The song addresses the merging of the often seemingly thin lines between dream and reality, as we all have most likely already experienced it in dreams that felt shockingly real or memories that make it difficult to distinguish between whether something happened in a dream or in real life. To reproduce this experience in the video, we decided not to show any faces. It is the weird feeling of something being off, surreal, incomplete without being able catch any eyes or facial expressions. We break that illusion towards the end where our singer’s face is finally revealed, accompanying his lyrics ‘back to the world I’ll never face’ to sever the lines and snap back into reality.

Ultima Radio - Sheela


This time we wanted to create a video that fits the raw and rough power of the song without telling a story so we decided to keep the video just as straightforward as possible. The lighting further contributes to this effect through the creation of a very narrow light cone that displays nothing but the band in an otherwise darkened room. We shot the video from several perspectives to add dynamics and foreground particularly powerful moments in the song. The short sequences in between the scenes are used to intensify both the theme of the song (yes, a rat) as well as the overall energy. The Video was shot and directed by Fabian Erlach and first published on Red Bull Music.

Ultima Radio - Suncollector


This is the first production that was created externally. The Hungarian studio around Biljarszki Maxim and Sandra Poliakov created this gem for us. It is again a video that strongly refers to the topic of the song because it is very suitable for visual representation. It tells the story of an old man who is filled with bitterness and begins to drown in his own greed, the desire for swallowing everything. His greed and obstinacy causes him to claim everything for himself, which becomes too great a burden to bear and eventually leads to his own blindness. The Video was first published exclusively on Volume.at.

Ultima Radio - Contrast


‘Contrast’ has a very story-driven music video that illustrates the regular and rather mundane flow of life that is being disrupted towards the end of the video, meaning that one needs to take things in hand in order to break through (‘You’re gonna have to break through, don’t be a fool’). So it is all about breaking the linearity of life, about acting and not being acted upon. Accordingly, we decided to make a video that illustrates this linearity. We shot the video with a single take and tried to create an impression of constant movement. The music also contributes to this effect with its rather straight beats and guitar riffs that keep pushing forward throughout almost the whole song.

Ultima Radio - Moroccan Honey


The whole concept of the video is supposed to remind the viewer of a shadow play, like seeing through a tent in the desert. The song was originally written during a trip through the Moroccan desert, so we wanted to make this recognizable in the video. The use of the dancer’s silhouette allowed us to be a bit more explicit but at the same time give it a rather mysterious touch, leaving it to everyone’s imagination. Dance and motion has since then become a distinct feature of our artwork. We also had a very special concert with Krissi, the dancer you can see in this video, performing live to this song.

Ultima Radio - A/B


This video delivers insight into our process of creating music, and it ranges from the first time jamming in the rehearsal room to the first live performance where we can finally present our music. It also gives a glimpse of the studio production, of how we work when creating and recording new songs. The footage was recorded to document some of the adventures we had while creating this song until we decided we could use it to make a music video, simply because it would be cool to show what’s happening behind the curtains and also show the faces of the band. You can also see Florian Schnabl in the video, with whom we recorded drums, Mike Wolff at melon FM creative studios, where we recorded vocals and did the mixing, and our Austrian friends Colours of Monochrome, who shared the stage with us a couple of times.


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